Thursday, December 4, 2008

Will she hear me as we sleep,
Or has the past been buried under
Years quilted of pain?
Every night she cries and cries
Out, while closed eyes glimpse
Visions I'm unable to perceive.
Morning brings no answers,
But damp pillows left the sign
Of lost dreams before the dawning light.

Will she hear me? As we sleep,
Somnifacient plans stir memories
That tell me how to reach her.
Tonight, I'll solve the mystery
Of our dreams, and say what
Dreaming, I wish I'd long since said.

Will she hear me as we sleep
Tonight? Will she finally see all
I've longed to say; all we've longed to love?

Will she hear me as we sleep?

the print was made by Meredith
she has always heard me


cldmt_chick said...

hehehe, the first, and maybe only time, I will see my work published somewhere other than my own web pages.

cldmt_chick said...

Did I mention that this is one of my favorite poems??