Thursday, December 4, 2008

Wergild (1)

Murky gray lights paint an unrequested
Picture of regrettable inconvenience.
Justifiable actions leave septic residues
That tense muscles are unable to wipe
Away from impending contractions.

What fearsome creatures are born
From midnight raids on honor!
Still incapable of independent malice,
They endanger there mother's mere
By existing in hemorrhagic innocence.

Cold hands are guided by sterile emotions
Hidden behind a mask of professionalism.
Sedated memories fail to notice that while
Scraping clean a softening past,
Dilations stretch now into a lifetime.

Waking to the empty reality of unalterable
Decisions, the price has been paid,
But never in full. Casual comforts do little
Against the rising of bile-tinged regrets or the
Bitter tears expelled with breaths never taken.

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